R&D Center


CHEMLAND is a functional cosmetics producer which has been achieving customer satisfaction
with its outstanding technological capabilities and quality since it foundation in 1999.

Chemland R&D center has a wide range of formulation technologies, including basic skin care product line (cream, serum, mist etc), UV protection product line(sun milk, sun cream) cleanser, and modeling mask, based on our own cosmetic materials.

At present, Chemland R&D center has a variety of formulation technology for the basic products. We will be a company that thinks customers' need first, through researching the formulations with new raw materials.

Researching makeup product

Chemland R&D center is continuously researching various makeup product formulations using raw materials developed by our company.

Chemland R&D center is also researching the formulation technology that can easily apply our materials by studying the characteristics of various formulations such as powder makeup product line(loose powder, powder pact, eyeshadow etc.), lip product line(lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss etc.) and emulsion product line(BB cream, CC cream etc.). At present, Chemland R&D center has its own know-how in formulation technology applied with our material and is ready to apply new materials to the various product line.