R&D Center


CHEMLAND is a functional cosmetics producer which has been achieving customer satisfaction
with its outstanding technological capabilities and quality since it foundation in 1999.

Hydrogenated lecithin features hydrophile property and lyphophilic property in a single molecule which make it difficult to be dissolved with one solvent, and if liposome is produced using equipment, the particle size significantly increases. CHEMLAND Ultrafine Emulsion technology allows easy forming of vesicles, and it is capable of supplying evenly fine particles. It also prevents the sinking, condensing and creaming due to brown movement of particles, and as a result, its stability as a cosmetics ingredient increased

Ultrafine Emulsion has small particles compared to Micro Emulsion, and this allows it to be absorbed easily even at the smallest quantity. In addition, it can purify low-viscosity emulsion allowing emulsifying by various oils. Through CHEMLAND Ultrafine Emulsion technology, new products with differentiated quality over conventional products were developed.