R&D Center


CHEMLAND is a functional cosmetics producer which has been achieving customer satisfaction
with its outstanding technological capabilities and quality since it foundation in 1999.

Recently, customers began to develop interest in powder type products with silky-smooth sensation commonly found in powder liquified cosmetic products. Due to such, CHEMLAND R&D Center has developed a complex powder using a elastomer bead which underwent Talc, ultrafine titanium dioxide and oxidized zinc. While elastomer bead is a spherical ingredient with high porosity, it has strong condensing properties among particles making it difficult to be used in basic and color cosmetics. CHEMLAND has surface treated elastomer bead with various inorganic powder in order to prevent particle condensation which result in overcoming limitations of conventional ingredients. Powder cosmetics with elastomer bead coating powder as their main ingredient has the advantage of elasticity without condensing and outstanding sensation on the skin (Patent # 10-0602731).

Powder cosmetics general lack moisturizing ingredients which lead to the disadvantage of causing dryness when used for extended periods of time. CHEMLAND has developed and commercialized a vegetable butter and wax ingredient, “Vegetable Materials Coated Powder.” In case of cocoa and mango butter, they are both stable under oxidation and have a melting point similar to human body temperatures which lead to outstanding compatibility with the skin. In addition, it is reported that cocoa butter has anti-oxidation effects and mango butter has soothing effects, and with coating using inorganic powders such as Talc, Sericite and Mica, they are expected to generate other features aside from moisturizing. CHEMLAND R&D Center is also engaging in developing new coating powders with various customer-demanded cosmetics with functional ingredient applied as well as research activities to replace costly ingredients which are heavily dependent on imports