R&D Center


CHEMLAND is a functional cosmetics producer which has been achieving customer satisfaction
with its outstanding technological capabilities and quality since it foundation in 1999.

CHEMLAND R&D Center is developing spherical powders which can improve the sensation of cosmetics. The product has outstanding compatibility with other cushion or cream oil-based ingredients, and its unique silky-smooth sensation is receiving high regards. In addition, as patented technology of CHEMLAND allows coating of ingredients dissolving in water or oil, CHEMLAND is capable of supplying complex powders which form coatings with a variety of ingredients according to customer demand.

Spherical silica which is commonly used in cosmetics has strong rolling properties, but its high hardness generates an uncomfortable sensation. Nylon or elastomer bead type spherical powder is capable of resolving this uncomfortable sensation and has excellent elasticity, but it has the disadvantage in price. PMSQ products of CHEMLAND resolves issues of both types while maintaining outstanding performance at affordable price, earning high regards from its customers around the world.

CHEMLAND will continue to develop spherical powder with various functions to become the leader in the cosmetics ingredient market, and it will also continue to endeavor in discovering new ingredient markets yet to be discovered.