R&D Center


CHEMLAND is a functional cosmetics producer which has been achieving customer satisfaction
with its outstanding technological capabilities and quality since it foundation in 1999.

While the current cosmetics market continuously develops and sells various products, the features of products are very similar despite the variety of products. In order to overcome such limitation, it is necessary to develop a focus which attracts customer interest within a short period of time. Many cosmetic companies continue to develop new cosmetics with visually differentiated concepts using dramatic color change in order to attract customer interest in short periods of time.

In response to such market trend, CHEMLAND has been developing beads which does not influence the basic features which achieving color change effects, and after years of intense research and development, CHEMLAND was able to successfully commercialize color change beads with a wide range of colors. Name as CC Bead, this color change bead does not hinder the basic features of cream and retains the unique color of the bead while generating a dramatic color change when the color of the core is expressed when applied.

This color effect of CC Bead allows color changing in various colors, and 18 different products have been developed.

In addition, CHEMLAND is developing functional materials (Anthocyanin, Vitamine C, Lycopene, etc.) which can be stabilized through encapsulation, and it continues to endeavor in developing more capsulated products which ca satisfy various demands of customers from around the world.