R&D Center


CHEMLAND is a functional cosmetics producer which has been achieving customer satisfaction
with its outstanding technological capabilities and quality since it foundation in 1999.

CHEMLAND R&D Center was established in 1999 with an aim to develop new ingredients for cosmetics and functional ingredients. Since its establishment, the center has successfully developed various function cosmetics ingredients including UV blocking dispersion material, organic-inorganic complex powder, encapsulation bead and ultrafine emulsion, and it continues to endeavor in discovering their cosmetic application. As the R&D Center became independent from the HQ with the HQ relocation, it became available for a more professional research and develop activities. As a result, it has received various certifications including Korea Global Small Business (Hidden Champion) certification, Indonesian Halal certification (LPPOM MUI Halal Certificate), new edible agriculture and forestry technology (NET) certification, and CHEMLAND is seeking to obtain intelligent property rights. CHEMLAND employees regardless of their position will continue to grow into a cosmetics ingredient specialist leading the future industry.