CHEMLAND is a company that complies with internationally required ESG management procedures and regulations.

Chemland as a company

that manufactures and produces cosmetic ingredients, Chemland has been certified as a Small Giant Company of Korea by Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and we are a Hidden Champion company where all executives and staff members work together to develop high-quality cosmetic ingredients that domestic and international customers can trust and be satisfied with, innovative new products that fit customers’ needs, and to prevent and improve customer claims.

Chemland as the first company in Korea to be equipped with EFfCI-GMP (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients-GMP) cosmetic ingredients manufacturing facilities required by the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients, has various certifications that meet international standards, such as Certification of EU REACH, Certification of LPPOM MUI Halal, Certification of NET(New Excellent Technology), Certification of ISO 14001, and ISO 9001.


I. Environmental

Recognizing safety and health·environmental management as the top priority

Safety and health and environmental protection are recognized and managed as the top priority of management during the entire process of production, distribution, management, and disposal of cosmetic ingredients.

Thorough observance of the law and strict compliance with regulations

Environmental laws are thoroughly observed, and strict internal regulatory management standards are established and followed during the entire process of producing cosmetic ingredients.

Continuous establishment of environmental · energy protection policies

Efforts are made to preserve environmental resources and energy, prevent environmental pollution, control the use of harmful substances, reduce waste, preserve ecosystems, and suppress climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.


II. Social

Improvements on labor environments

Improvements are made to the labor environment to enable efficient work in a pleasant working environment and improvements are made to the working environment to make self-regulating work possible.

Protection of the socially disadvantaged

It is made mandatory to protect the disabled, and children, prohibit discrimination against foreigners, preserve cultural heritage, provide fair competition, and protect information in order to protect the socially disadvantaged.

Respect for human rights and employment equality

Diversity and inclusion among employees are respected, sexual harassment is prevented, and social contributions are made through employment equality for Korean · foreigners.


III. Governance

Realizing the sustainable social value

A transparent and highly reliable corporate board is operated to realize corporate and social values and an audit committee is vitalized to realize sustainable social values.

Prevention of corruption and responsible management

Responsible management such as getting rid of bribery, corruption, and illegal solicitation, prohibiting lobbying and political donations, and strengthening corporate ethics, compliance, and fairness will be continued.

Accurate and transparent information disclosure and accounting management

A corporate sustainability evaluation index is set up and efforts are made accordingly to disclose financial information, manage accounts transparently, manage risks, and achieve fair distribution.